PuToTira Clear Image

Actually this picture has been posted for about half month so it’s kinda old. This combo is rumored to be the ultimate form of Kamen Rider OOO in TV series. Utilizing Ptera, Tricera and Tyranno medals of a greeed named Giru, OOO archives huge amount of brutal force he can’t control. This is some kind of W’s FangJoker. Like TaJaDol, PuToTira also can fly thanks to head medal. It doesn’t clear if the wings will come out from head like Taka wing on TaToBa Kick. The torso medal provides Wide Stingers on shoulder with range attack. The legs medal creates Legsteranail, a tail of T-rex to blow target and some claw like Condol legs. While on this combo, the base armour’s color turns into white rather black. Not enough with those, this combo also equips Medagaburyuu, an axe-bazooka weapon drawing power of Core medals like (again) TaJa Spinner.

Both Medagaburyuu and this combo’s three purple Cores can be used on (or to perform) random combo. So there won’t be TakaToBa or TakaToraTira. There are many ways to spell this combo name out there, as PuToTyra, PuToTerano etc. the one I using is come from Wikipedia.


2 thoughts on “PuToTira Clear Image

  1. Hello, sorry for the off-topic post, but I noticed that you still link to the Touhou Wikia in the “Links” section on the right. Could you please update that link to point to http://touhouwiki.net instead ? We’ve moved from wikia a few months ago. Feel free to e-mail me (or just check the news section of the shrinemaiden forums) if you have any questions regarding the move.

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