Kamen Rider OOO 25-26

Finally, the appearance of Ankh’s bird type yummy. Although Ankh has said that he can’t create any yummy to gather Cell medal, an Omu yummy appears right after Eiji, Date and Goto-chan :) Bird type yummy treats the host as chick, feeding them with what they want. For first example, an ill boxer as the host gets his arm repaired (if it’s not cured). The yummy comes to other boxers and moves their punching ability to the host. Ankh who knows about the existence of the other part of himself decides to protect the yummy until the greeed come out, leading misunderstanding between him and the riders.

The yummy is pure bird, no side effect like Kazari’s hybrids have. It means the greeed who creates it only has a type of Core medals, and it’s same type as Ankh. So the greed can be guessed, he’s another Ankh (called Lost Ankh if refers to Wikipedia), a full body Ankh without right arm and true memories of Ankh. That’s why in whole show he only shows his left one. Ankh also knows that the greeed will come after him to get back the Cores so he entrusts a set of TaJaDol cores to Eiji. Once again it leads a misunderstand when Eiji loses to the yummy caused by this combo. We learn something that it’s not good to fight a yummy with combo of the yummy’s creator greeed -if I recall it, it never happens before-.

That yummy is not only the big issues on these episodes cause Birth also performs his Birth Day! This is something that happens when Birth uses six Cell medals to summon all instruments of CLAWs at same time. Each instruments attachs on their place, with Crane Arm combined to Drill Arm. In this form Birth can shoot through Breast Cannon automatically.


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