Kamen Rider OOO 27-28

A really special episode (28) for you to celebrate the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider TV series! Surprisingly, it comes right on even number episode of Kamen Rider OOO which always be the “resolving episode”. A grunt of Shocker for unkonown reason has already worked in Kougami corp as employee and join Kougami’s celebrating film project titled “Kamen Roder OOO VS Shocker”. His ambition to revenge every Rider results a Jaguar-Squid combined yummy by Kazari. Squid is clearly referenced to Ika-Devil, one of Kamen Rider evil general. Ika-Devil has appeared on Decade’s movie.  The yummy itself isn’t really strong but Kazari and another Parrot yummy come to mess around.

Parrot or Oumu yummy which come from different host for once again is konocked out by OOO’s ShaUTa combo, leaving Ankh who is angry for the lost of his only one clue to Lost Ankh. Sendou in other place creates more yummies called Combatman. They’re come from all grunt of previous series such as Shocker’s, Destron’s, Jin Fighter, Pupa Worm and Masquerade, make me wonder why didn’t include Mole Imagin too. They come to fight OOO and just to be destroyed in one Magna Blaze attack (weak as usual ^^;).

Birth himself as second rider show up with the latest power, CLAWs Sasori. This master-slave mode allows Birth to control the scorpion-like mecha combined from all six CLAW instruments. It needs 1,000 cell medals to summon but worth as it can beat Kazari pretty well. It also can burrow, across water, splitting and reforming. Its finisher doesn’t need cell medals anymore -well, Date loses a thousand medals already worth-.

Time to catch up my watchlist, I need many monitors like Kougami does in watching the rest 999 episodes LoL.


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