Kamen Rider OOO 29-30

Full body of Ankh appears! And don’t get it wrong with Joker on Batman series. The design looks like clown. Purple, red, that feather ornaments. Obviously he’s one of cool designed Greeed beside Uva. Lost ANkh comes down (he’s flying after all) to get another body of him, Ankh, back so he can regain the Core medals and memories. And the fully styled right arm ;) First try is failed by Eiji transforming to ShaUBa and escape with Ankh. Shachi and Unagi medals are used to perform water-type attack which overcome fire-type Lost Ankh (gotta catch’em all!).

Unfortunately Lost Ankh decides to work out with Kazari, making Eiji-tachi way to be harder. That’s not the only, Maki after defending Chiyoko is trapped in his awesome past. So awesome, your neesan wanna married and you screamed “don’t leave me! you said you only wanna be with me“. That gives you a clue why he want to end the world, and why he leaves Kougami corp with new look Core medals. What are those? 10 purple dyno-drawn Core medals for PuToTyra! Maki want to wake a Greeed based on these Cores by removing one of them to be 9. On the truth, there’re four copies of Head medals for all Greeed. The most suitable container is a person without desire, Eiji. The cores go to choose him (five of them really go, fly and dig into Eiji’s body), cancelling TaJaDol in middle fight with Uva. They force the combo to undone, ejecting Ankh’s cores and one of them Condol is catached by Uva. No more TaJaDol for now. In exchange, the story gives you SaGohZo combo and two new Candroids, Ptera and Torikera.

Goto back to Kougami and ends up as low profile employee. Must see above scene, his screaming sound’s effect is funny~


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