Taikutsu Poll: Best Duo Rider

Here is The result of previous poll of best Kamen Rider duo with total 254 (strange) voters.

  1. W – Accel (71 votes, 28%). Together they fight Terror dopant separately on TV series and destroy NEVER on movie. There are so many episodes where they work along especially beating Weather dopant.
  2. Decade – Diend (65 votes, 26%). You may not see them as a good along couple on TV series. All they do is quarelling about what should you do in this world. However, they work fine on movie and sometime Tsukasa shows how care he is to Kaito ‘.’
  3. Kabuto – Gattack (51 votes, 20%). No doubt again, they’re brother in law afterall ;D
  4. Kick – Punch Hopper (28 votes, 11%). Big brother protects small brother. Small brother helps big brother. That’s how they are.
  5. Ichigo – Nigo (24 votes, 9%). The creators of first Rider Double Kick. Both identical and share same vision in the end to destroy Shocker even 40 years later.
  6. Ryuki – Knight (15 votes, 6%). Too much difference between their ideologies on how to end the riders battle. They only get along when face same enemy such as Ouja afterall.

Koji Kikkawa (Narumi Sokichi/Kamen Rider Skull) gets married with a non-seleb girl. Congratz! Akiko gets step mother now.

I hate WordPress’s feature in self decision to “repair” my typing attributes.


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