Kamen Rider Fourze

As continuation of previous post about 2012 Kamen Rider, here is update rolling post about Kamen Rider Fourze. First we get some lines describing what the mechanism of this successor of OOO is. Credit goes to them and their source.

UPDATE: Trailer

His “specification”:

  • Height: 200cm
  • Weight: 95kg
  • Punch strength: 2.1t
  • Kick strength: 6.3t
  • Jump power: 20m in one jump
  • Speed: 100m in 6.2s
  • Special Attack: Rocket Drill Kick (Stratosphere Kick): 15t

On the image you can see that he needs four Switches.

Above you can see official logo, his motorbike, the actor and his henshin pose. The henshin pose looks like Date’s (Birth). Based on my source, the henshin sound will be “Switch On, 3, 2, 1, Henshin“. His motorbike is called Machine Masshigura aka ORB-40F. The bike is so green that uses hydrogen without producing carbon.

This guy has space as his theme, like Super-1. Of course with rocket head (which is laughed by most people) like that he can travel to the space and fight in there. Looking on the theme, I think it’s impossible to getting form such as Shinobi etc so I’m starting to believe that forms rumor to be fake. The chest design also looks like ninja’s wear, which is similiar to theme of ZX. Also more detail of full body of him

Notice something? the clue is colorful symbols of a famous console. Yes, there are yellow triangle, blue cross, (could be green) square and red circle around legs and arms. SO are you ready to buy Fourze PS3 game? ;) His first place to show up as usual is movie of previous rider, Wonderful Movie. He’ll help in fighting Gara the alchemist with his jumbo rocket punch! Above monster is believed to be his first victim.

The official logo is a hand holding Astro Switch. Switch is some kind of series device like OOO’s medals and W’s Gaiamemory where both rider and enemy use it. It contains Cosmic Energy. Fourze uses Astro Switch while the villain, Zodiarts, use Zodiart Switch. A mere human can use it to turn into a Zodiart. That yankee guy above is our hero actor. The zodiarts look plain, typically old styled and random. First Zodiart that will appear is the left red one, called Orion Zodiart. The greater zodiart, like greeed to yummy, are named with well known zodiac words such as Scorpio, Virgo, Leo and Libra. Lower scenes show Fourze’s weapons arsenal. Not like other heisei riders flying with wings, he will fly with rocket on his right arm! Also he is rumored to use left leg instead right leg to perform Rider Kick. He’ll do it different because you see a drill attached to his leg (it’s not clear if the finisher is Drill Kick though). His finisher Space Drill Kick uses these rocket and drill module.

UPDATE: Fourze’s finishing kick will utilize Rocket arm and Drill leg. He will fly with rocket and land left-leg drill kick called Rocket Drill Kick!

The rider role Gentarou Kisaragi,  played by Sota Fukushi, is second year student of Amanogawa Academy Highschool class 2B. He’s a yankee. On first episode he’s rumored to fight his own class teacher who gets mysterious space energy. In pinch, suddenly a transfer student Kengo Kasei gives him the Fouze Driver and Switches. It’s said that the belt was created by Kengo’s father. It’s rumored that Kengo owns 40 Astro Switches! Wow, so one new Switch for every episodes? The list of the cast

  • Kisaragi Gentaro – Sota Fukushi
  • Kasei Kengo – Ryuki Takahashi
  • Joujima Yuuki [name play of Jouji Yuuki – Riderman] – Fumika Shimizu (WARNING: she’s very cute!)
  • Miwa – Rikako Sakata
  • Daimonji Hayabusa [name play of Hayato Ichimonji – Kamen Rider 2] – Tomimori Justin
  • Nozama Yuuko [backward name play of “Amazon”] – Shiho
  • JK (Jake)[name play of Jin Keisuke – Kamen Rider X] – Tsuchiya Shion
  • Sonoda Sarina – Konan Yuka
  • Osugi Chuta – Tanaka Takushi (Ungirls)
  • Mysterious Man – Tsurumi Shingo

And the lsit of the staff

  • Original: Shotaro Ishinomori
  • Script: Kazuki Nakajima (Gurren Lagann (TV & Movie), Chu-Bra!! and Some Shin Chan Movie)
  • Director: Koichi Sakamoto (Kamen Rider W Forever A to Z Gaia Memories)
  • Action Director: Tsuyoshi Miyazaki
  • Special Effect Director: Butsuda Hiroshi
  • Producer: Kengo Motoi (TV Asahi), Tsukada Hideaki, Kazuhiro Takahashi (Toei)

Profiles of each characters can be found on this GekiDan’s post.


Fourze’s first five main Astro Switches:

  • Fourze’s Module 1, the Rocket Module:
    A rocket is equipped on his right arm. By enabling the Exhaust Thruster, Fourze can add up another 4 t to his punches.
  • Fourze’s Module 2, the Launcher Module:
    He can shoot 5 missiles from his right leg.
  • Fourze’s Module 3, the Drill Module:
    It’s equipped on his left leg. It’s spins around 200 rpm.
  • Fourze’s Module 4, the Radar Module:
    By using this module, Fourze can give his Launcher Module homing missiles. He’s also able to reflect certain waves.
  • Fourze’s Module 5, the Magic Hand Module:
    The Magic Hand is equipped on his right hand, which gives him an extra 10 m reach. The end of the Magic Hand is called the “End Effect Pliers” which can lift up any object up to 6 t.

The other Astro Switches are Camera module (#6), Parachute module (#7), Chainsaw module (#8), Hopping module (#9), Scissors module (#11), Beat module (#12), Chain Arrays module (#13), Smoke module (#14) and Spike module (#15).

If OOO has Combo then our Fourze has his forms to be called States. The white main form is called Base State.The first two States revealed on latest toy catalog are Fire State and Electric State. It’s not clear what Astro Switch will be used to change his forms. Each State is equipped by a special weapon called Modules. Finisher moves will be called Limit Breaks.

Fire State has Hi-Hackgun Module (also called as Hi-Hat Gun). If you ask me it looks like “water gun” that is usually used by firefighter.

Electric State has Billy the Rod Module.Although called as a rod, he holds it like a sword.What is that? a plug? you need to plug and charge in order to use it? O_O

Above is picture of combined Power Dicer and Machine Masshigura. Power Dicer is something like Tora can. It can aid Fourze in battle. Beside Power Dicer release on November, there is also Punch Fighter toy to be released on August.

If OOO has Candroid then our guy has Foodroids! Like other droids, they’re mini robots with ability to change their shape. They’re Bagameal (burger), Potachokin (french fries) and Furasheki (softdrink cup). All based on fastfood meal which can be referred to “space food” too.

Fourze is rumored to be receiving 40 Switches. I assume each State has four different Switch so in total he’ll get 10 States form.

Do you think it’s worth, or worst as series of 40th anniversary?


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