Kamen Rider OOO 31-32

The final combo, mightiest ever PuToTyra is finally appeared. Come with dark purple color, this dinosaur combo utilizes a set of unrevived Greeed’s Core medals. Three of them are Ptera (Pterodactyl) medal, Torikera (Tricetops) medal and Tyrano (Tyrannosaurus Rex) medal. However, that doesn’t resolve that the Greeed of it is a dinosaur. That Greeed Giru (or else) is based on fantasy creatures. Giru itself isn’t revived. Ten purple Cores are divided resulting new combo for Eiji and creating Yummy ability for Dr. Maki.

Before some leaked images of this combo posted on net some months ago, I thought that TaJaDol will be the final combo and I approved it. Not only the Cores come from own partner Greeed Ankh it is also unique compared to others. TaJaDol can change the shape of Taka head (well, actually they just add some semi tranparant red plastic over face) and the symbol in the chest which is united together forming a bird. PuToTyra itself is so fucking strong. With this OOO can fly, stab you with Tricetops horns and whipping T-rex’s tail. I found it little weird when you fly with a pair of wing attached to your head. This combo’s special skill is blizzard and summoning Medagaburyuu. Accessing the weapon on Strain Doom mode only requires one Cell medals but Ground of Rage needs more Cells. Other combos can use it too when the Cores shine but just for Ground of Rage mode. PuToTyra‘s Scanning Charge has no name and it simply blast the target with tail after frozen solid.

Due to the nature of the Cores which are out control we only able to see this combo when putting Eiji in pinch. Afterall, I approve this as the final blow combo ;)


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