Ten Reasons Why PuToTyra is the Final Form

  1. It’s the last combo that appeared on TV series
  2. Unlike other combos, this one always can be performed. Until now there’s no way to snatch purple medals from Eiji
  3. Special jingle. It’s the first combo where the jingle uses additional word “saurus”
  4. Purple medals can’t be used along with other medals, means no mix-match random combo using this purple
  5. The weapon Medagaburyuu can “sing” other combo’s names including their background jingle tones
  6. It has different base armor’s color
  7. This form can made Eiji goes out control
  8. It appeared after episode 30 (Decade is another case)
  9. All comos are based on animal so it’s safe to assume that the strongest animal had ever stayed on earth beside roach is Dinosaur type
  10. It’s strong (although GataKiriBa can match it)

The reason for me posting these is a paragraph saying that OOO won’t (officially) receive final form. You can read here. The combo change is said to be OOO main gimmick.


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