Kamen Rider OOO 33-34

Nothing special these episodes is. Just an old acquaintance appeared to mess up around with his yummy. Rather leaving the yummy and host to their own, Kazari uses him to provocate Eiji suggesting that Ankh is a really bad influence to him. Of course we already know Eiji for 680 minutes show time, he won’t doubt Ankh no matter what. Especially after Ankh does sweeet thing in last section ;)

Usually rider use their final form one or two episode later to show “look, I got mighty form and no one can stop me” attitude but OOO uses it on pinch. Dr. Maki has plan to complete Lost Ankh by kindnapping Ankh. Guarded by Kazari, Owl yummy and Lost Ankh itself, Eiji has no reason to not call out purple medals in quest saving Ankh. Dr. Maki mentions something he shouldn’t near OOO in PuToTyra combo. As expected, OOO ends the yummy in no time even Lost Ankh and Kazari combi can’t resist him. Ankh successfully stops OOO with his hand alone, that’s the sweet thing mentioned before.

Talking about Dr. Maki and OOO, there is an image that may shows you a creature rumored to be Giru, fully revived purple medal Greeed.


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