Kamen Rider OOO 35-36

Updating review again. Let’s continue on episode 35-36. Where, we can hear theme song of PuToTyra combo POWER TO TEARER. I can say this song is the most badass in OOO Full Combo Album. It’s so heavy, rock, energic and fuck’n powerful. To match up OOO fighting style with the song, they featured Uva with revived Gamed dan Mezool together with Dr. Maki’s Unicorn yummy.

There’re two spots to notice regarding the plot. First, by chance Unicorn yummy takes out Eiji’s dream. The object of his dream is a huge globe, err, the earth itself. Can be assumed that his dream is so big and has affection to lot people. Second, Hina is no more bothered with Ankh possessing her bro and hopes can stay longer with him, which unfortunately won’t be granted on next few episodes. And more, for first time Eiji gets control on his dinosaur combo.

POWER TO TEARER neji fusete miro

abaredasu michi no chikara o

jibun no mono ni dekita toki tsugi no stage ni yukeru



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