Kamen Rider OOO 37-38

After featuring last theme song of Kamen Rider OOO on previous episode now it’s turn for Kamen Rider Birth. Kamen Rider Birth’s theme song Reverse/Re:Birth is performed by duo Birth system users Gotou and Date. The story started with Date struggling on his headache problem. The pain came from a bullet stucked inside his head.

To get rid this annoying pain he needed to perform surgery with cost 1 million yen, a number of money that had been shouted for long time. He knew Kougami could only provide half of it so he tried ask some loans to Dr. Maki ;D By pretending to betray OOO league, Date joined ebil side and took the payment. Later his last plan to betray Dr. Maki back was ruined by Greeeds. Now it’s time for Gotou to took the front line of battle.

Date’s over dramatic die act made Gotou to believe himself as Birth’s successor. This was Gotou’s first time henshin in TV series and he started greatly by taking down three Greeeds at once shot. Full potential of Birth was revealed!


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