Kamen Rider OOO 41-42

Done in absorbing Ankh, the Lost Ankh was still missing something to be fully revived, a core medal! On last moment of previous episode, Ankh handed over a Taka medal to Hina just for case. Ankh’s still presence prevented Lost Ankh to process further. Having gone Ankh, Shingo gained himself and decided to help Eiji. But duh Eiji, he didn’t want to involve anyone and took all problems to himself. Thus, he left Hina and Shingo to retake Ankh.

Dr. Maki created Ankylosaurus to attack Eiji but was intercepted by Birth. Dr. Maki wanted Eiji to fight more especially by using purple cores. Purple cores showed its price of awesome power by turning Eiji’s body as host to become a Greeed. Dr. maki telled him but Eiji decided to still fight. Trying to beat the yummy, OOO met Lost Ankh for final fight. OOO accepted that after left the yummy to Birth. Using PuToTyra combo, OOO went berserk and out control. In this state, OOO defeated Lost Ankh in one hit destroying a set of red cores which were wholding Lost Ankh’s consciousness. Ankh became free and retaked Shingo’s body.

This is the true power of purple Core medals, turning something into nothing by destroying them. Dr. Maki’s mission is use this power to end the world. OW.


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