Kamen Rider OOO 43-44

With Lost Ankh destroyed, Ankh can fully revive. The sign of this is a pair of wings on his body. Seems pissed knowing a set of his Core medals destroyed, Ankh left Eiji and didn’t want to be bud of OOO any more. His first action was to revive Uva for ally so some Cell medals are needed.

Become truly of himself, Ankh gained ability to create Hagetaka, a vulture yummy. FYI this Yummy will be the last one that appear on TV series. By letting OOO ShaGoriTa and Birth to take it down, Ankh gathered the cells and revived Uva with only Kuwagata core. Together, they came to Dr. Maki’s mansion and joined other Greeeds force to defeat OOO and destroy the purple cores. It turned to be original Greeed reunion.

However joint force wont be well without a nice teamwork. Kazari betrayed the group then revived fully by his own. Beat Birth is little piece of ease for him but everything ended when Eiji henshined as OOO PuToTyra and went berserk. Kazari’s only one Lion core containing his consciousness got damaged and later to be shattered. Four Greeeds left.


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