Kamen Rider OOO 45-46

Like I said before, no more yummy started this point. The rest story focused on conclusion where one by one of Greeeds got slashed. Ankh gained lots of Core medals which Kazari kept before from Dr.Maki. Using Kazari’s cores and Shingo’s body, Ankh was trying to replace his lost to Core medals and becoming fully revived as himself. This resulted to new form of Ankh which goldy and powerful.

Knowing that, surviving Greeeds Uva, Mezool and Gamel met Dr.Maki to retake their cores. Ankh gave what they wanted. Both Gamel and Mezool became fully revived and took their own actions leaving the group. Until this state Eiji only had a set of yellow medals plus Batta core – causing only Uva who was alone with less than nine cores. Fighting Mezool, OOO LaToraTar and Proto-Birth got serious damage regarding to unfair power. However OOO, turned the tables using combination of Toride Vendor and Medagaburyu, destroyed a set of her cores.

After that, Eiji met with the old friend, Ankh. Eiji fighted with OOO purple cores affected TaToBa, OOO PuToTyra and his Greeed form. Meanwhile, Gotou comforted fully revived Gamel. Surprisingly, he got aid from Date who was back! Turning into Birth and Proto-Birth, double Breast Cannon took down Gamel (actually it’s Dr. Maki who cracked up his Sai and Gorilla cores first). Two Greeeds left.


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