Fourze Double Rocket State

Kamen Rider Fourze’s movie exclusive form, Double Rocket State is revealed. By using a special switch Super-One Rocket Module, Kamen Rider Fourze’s body turns into orange with glowing blue eyes. Why it’s called special switch cause it has no number but S-1. It is out of 40 basic Astro switches. Gentarou will receive this switch with Nadeshiko’s help.

Now you’re going to wonder how he can undo henshin or trigger Limit Break with rockets like that deso?

Back to TV series, next line up of Foodroids are Foodroid 04 Holwankof (No.29 Scoop), Foodroid 05 Softonya (No.32 Freeze), and Foodroid 06 Nagejaroika (No.37 Gyro).


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