Kamen Rider OOO 47-48 Final

Finally, our great series has come to end conclusion.

Hino Eiji, receiving additional two purple Core medals from Dr. Maki, had turned into fully Greeed. While on human form, he told Ankh about how much grateful he was for becoming Kamen Rider OOO. Fighting Ankh, Eiji lost. Satonaka arrived and took wounded Eiji back to Kougami Corp. Kougami already had a big plan for Eiji to turn him into a great container for infinite Core medals power and getting use of purple Core medals inside him. He wanted Eiji to absorb “infinite” (maybe it’s too much to count) amount of Cell medals that corporation had.

On other side while only Uva as the last Greeed, Dr. Maki started his final plan by letting him to fully revived first. Gave him the last Batta medal, Uva completed the form and went rampage. Date and Gotou who had already met Eiji and told him to refuse Kougami’s plan, comforted Uva. Of course they’re not match anymore to him and almost got defeated. Eiji ran down and joined the fight assuming PuToTyra combo and greeed form. Unfortunately, Dr. Maki overwhelmed him. In pinch, Eiji ran back to Kougami and agreed to follow previous mentioned plan.

Actually before starting his final plan, Dr. Maki met Ankh once more to took his Core medals as he thought Ankh was not useful anymore. He noticed that Ankh didn’t want to become the container and collected Core medals from him just to be fully revived. Attack exhausted Ankh, Dr. Maki took all of Core medals but a set of red Core medals remained. Taka medal of the set was holding Ankh’s consciousness and got cracked, which meant Ankh will be vanished soon. Knowing his sistuation but he kept going to give Eiji last help.

On last seconds before duo Kamen Rider Birth got blowed, Eiji walked back to battlefield in cool :) Holding huge power within him, he did henshin to Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa King combo. What so big deal this King combo regarding to usual combo is nothing. It has same design exactly but is different in term of power. This combo could be performed by using Kougami’s special Taka, Tora and Batta medals which were used by previous Kamen Rider OOO. In other word, each of them is the 10th medal from corresponding color. Right Uva got defeated by TaToBa Kick, but revived back with Core medals from Dr. Maki. Already revived but Dr. Maki kept inserting Core medals. With almost all Core medals inside him, Uva went berserk and turned into Medal Vessel Chaos Form.

This vessel turned everything into Cell medals and created Waste yummy as exchange. This was what Dr. Maki said as end of the world. Eiji with Ankh went to Dr. Maki to defeat him along while Date, Gotou and Satonaka defended from tons of Waste yummy. Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra and Ankh greeed form fought Dr. Maki greeed form. Almost got defeated again, Kamen Rider OOO used his last attack by letting Medagaburyuu to absorbed all Cell medals within him and performed Grand of Rage slash. This attack hurted both of Eiji and Dr. Maki.

Seeing an opening, Ankh decided to stopped Eiji’s attempt in assuming purple combo again and gave the last set of his Core medals to Eiji including his cracked Take medal. By doing that, Ankh got vanished. Using the Core medals, Eiji did henshin again to Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDol combo, fought back and pursued wounded Dr. Maki. Although got vanished, Ankh still showed his presence and helped Eiji in battle. Placing seven purple Core medals inside Taja Spinner, Kamen Rider OOO defeated Dr. Maki. A black hole was emerged from Dr. Maki’s torned body and absorbed all Core medals with the vessel, save only the broken halves of Ankh’s consciousness Taka medal.

An awesome series towards this year. Great job for able to followed up Kamen Rider W series which is successful on sales. The story moved slowly by revealing one by one truth behind Core medals alongwhile each character’s plot. The series explained everything audience need to know and play deus ex card very well. No doubt, this series is great hit by keeping previous’s success. SUBARASHII!

PS: it’s quite sad to see dead end of the series, all Core medals except purples who got destroyed were absorbed into black hole, preventing next appearance of Kamen Rider OOO. No worry, “miracle” will bring our hero back on Movie Wars MEGAMAX movie.


3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO 47-48 Final

  1. OOO is my favorite KR series to date. I think it has more focused story and has its own charm in every episode. And now I really miss Ankh (and would love to see Miura in person, haha ^^).

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