Fourze Movie: “It’s Space Time, Everyone!”

Kamen Rider Fourze’s summer movie, “Kamen Rider Fourze: It’s Space Time, Everyone!” will be premier on August 4th and directed by Koichi Sakamoto. This movie will feature new villains, Gandain and Skydain with epic battle scene and new state! The story reveals new organization called Federation of Alicia. They created duo Ironmen Gandain and Skydain. However those Iromen rebel againt humanity. Beside them, the federation also created Black Knight the third Ironmen, who will act as partner of Inga Blink (Mikie Hara).

There are 3 points that make this movie is worth to watch,

  • To match Grandain and Skydain power, Gentarou will use new switch Fusion Switch to access Fusion State. This is a special State where Fourze and Meteor Storm combine! like Kamen Rider W! Kamen Rider Fourze Fusion State will has Meteor’s Jeet Kune Do combat skill and all 40 Cosmic Switches as usual.
  • There’s a battle scene where Kamen Rider Fourze and Meteor fight 12 Horoscopes!
  • Guess it, first appearance of protagonist of next rider series aka 14th Heise rider, Kamen Rider Wizard. He will help Fourze team to fight Virgo and Pisces Horoscopes.

As you see, it will be awesome!

Source: JEFusion.


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