Kamen Rider Wizard

As Kamen Rider Fourze series is nearing its end, we are already able to take a glance for next 14 th Heisei rider series. It’s titled Kamen Rider Wizard. Using five magical Rings to transform, he’ll fight againt Apparations the villain. The director is Shojiro Nakagawa (Magiranger). The writer is Kida Tsuyoshi (has part on Kamen Rider Hibiki). The producer is Taakaki Utsunomiya (Gokaiger, Shinkenger). Kamen Rider Wizard will be themed over magical/magician things. The device will be Wizard Rings, which will be provide various powers and form change. As figured out by fans, he will use 5 Wizard Rings to henshin. Our hero and heroine are Souma Haruto (Shunya Shiraishi) and Koyomi (Okunaka Makoto). Both of them survived from an ancient solar eclipse ceremony. From that ceremony, enemies were born. Haruto receives the henshin device, magical Rings, from a mysterious white magician. Other main casts are also revealed. They’re Shunpei Nara (Junki Tozuka) – a young who wishes to be a magician, Daimon Riko (Yuko Takayama) – a rookie detective who investigates demonic activities, and Shigeru Wajima (Hisahiro Ogura) – the heroes caretaker who creates various Wizard Rings and owns an antique shop.

Left to right: Riko, Nara, Haruto, Koyomi, and Wajima.

In Kamen Rider Wizard series, form terminology is called Style. Kamen Rider Wizard main Style is red Flame Style. From above photo, sighted another Styles called green Hurricane Style, blue Water Style, and yellow Land Style. To use them, Kamen Rider Wizard has to use various kind of element Wizard Rings. The Wizard Rings are weared in hand and scan them through the belt, WizarDriver.

On Flame Style, Wizard’s main weapon is WizarSwordGun. Like Decade’s, it can transform from sword to gun. Early revealed Wizard Rings are Flame Ring, Big Ring, Copy Ring, and Connect Ring. It’s unclear how many Wizard Rings that will be made.

The show will air on September 2nd.

Source: JEFusion.


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