たいくつ (taikutsu) simply means “boredom” noun. TaikutsuJoker itself comes from Kamen Rider W form’s name literary. Currently I’m a student on Computer science major and already have reached its 3rd year. Playing creepy games, watching anime and writing some codes are all routines that I have everyday. So taikutsu word seems suit to me.

I really love Kamen Rider series. Even people around me see that hobby is ridiculous for 19 years old single, I don’t care cause I’m a quite obsdurate (also hysterical) person. Recall it, I have been watching this stuff for 10 years.  My favourite series are

And my favourite riders are Hongo Takeshi (1), Minami Kotaro (Black & Black RX), Hidari Shotaro & Phillip (W), Godai yuusuke (Kuuga), Tsugami Shouichi (Agito), Tendou Souji (Kabuto), Nago Keisuke (IXA), Inui Takumi (Faiz) and Terui Ryu (Accel).



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