Kamen Rider Fourze Final

As a 40th anniversary TV series Kamen Rider Fourze is a good series. Fresh look, theme, and story. I could say that using high school life as theme is a bold move. I thought, “how will you add some villains on school? they’re dropped from sky?”. Fortunately, they done it in elegant way. Zodiart itself is my favorite villain, more than Yummy or Dopant.

Here bulleted list of my thought for this series, Continue reading

Kamen Rider OOO 45-46

Like I said before, no more yummy started this point. The rest story focused on conclusion where one by one of Greeeds got slashed. Ankh gained lots of Core medals which Kazari kept before from Dr.Maki. Using Kazari’s cores and Shingo’s body, Ankh was trying to replace his lost to Core medals and becoming fully revived as himself. This resulted to new form of Ankh which goldy and powerful. Continue reading

Kamen Rider OOO 43-44

With Lost Ankh destroyed, Ankh can fully revive. The sign of this is a pair of wings on his body. Seems pissed knowing a set of his Core medals destroyed, Ankh left Eiji and didn’t want to be bud of OOO any more. His first action was to revive Uva for ally so some Cell medals are needed. Continue reading

Kamen Rider OOO 41-42

Done in absorbing Ankh, the Lost Ankh was still missing something to be fully revived, a core medal! On last moment of previous episode, Ankh handed over a Taka medal to Hina just for case. Ankh’s still presence prevented Lost Ankh to process further. Having gone Ankh, Shingo gained himself and decided to help Eiji. But duh Eiji, he didn’t want to involve anyone and took all problems to himself. Thus, he left Hina and Shingo to retake Ankh. Continue reading