Tony’s 740QM504G-7U Lappy

This Ita-laptop is based on illustration by Tony. Come on two, “Gothic lolita” type-A and “Bikini” type-B (above). The specification listed:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7 740QM (1.73-2.93Ghz)
  • TFT 15.6″ 1600×900
  • DDR3 1066 4GB
  • Half TB HDD SATA
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 512MB
  • An other necessary things such as USB 2.0 port, eSATA, LAN, HDMI, D-sub etc.

Priced about ¥150.000, limited order on this month only. Do you think that it’s too expensive? judge by yourself.

Recently Tony Taka also released 18 full color pages doujin of new illustrations titled “ちっちゃくないよっ!!” for C79. Check it out (NSFW).


Random Come

It was not sick which held me from posting but work, besiding errors of WP on uploading picture and putting tags. I couldn’t watch any of this week aired series and so this goes on. In future I will have extra duty on campus so hang on my own PC, you’ll get a long holiday. And I don’t know what have to do with my otaku life…

I’ve checked what I missed in whole week and fortunately some interesting stuff. Medical drama Iryu will have 3rd TV season in October. Iryu is really cool and awesome. It doesn’t need complex story, just random sick -no, beside my random creepy sick- and here you go blood. Meh sound too maniac ne? o.O

Hatsune Miku gets her first manga in weekly Young Jump September 2 2010. Koe de Oshigoto! (Voice Working!) OVA will released on November 17 and next year March 16. I know if it will be ecchi and funny (what else I should watch).

Happy birthday to: Kamen Rider’s Takeshi Hongo (15), Konami’s Rinko Kobayakawa (17) and K-ON!!’s Ritsu Tainaka (21).

Random Sick

My stomach is hurt. My throat is hurt. *checks calendar* My head is starting to hurt. Plus I have cold. What the heck, why you all strike in once?! =O oh, since I cleaned my room three days ago there was possibility I swallowed dust but I think it’s not related. If I live in Japan now I’ll regret this sick all time ^^;

Comiket 78, yeah~

Some sites reported cosplayers ready making their pose and otaku army have been struggling overnight for glory. Nearest “life” stations (Sunkus and famous Family Mart) were reloaded to serve with tons of CalorieMate, cellphone battery and 500 Yen Fate-chan nendoroid plus (Hey I want that one =O). On this year over heat summer, this war will be tough.

Picture book You are Umasou and manga Freezing will get TV anime.

Rurouni Kenshin, Takeru Satoh and Live Action

Most of anime and manga fans should know this title, Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X. Written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki, the story is about samurai in Meiji era with a deadly assassin Himura Kenshin (Hitokin Battōsai) as main protagonist. After Bakumatsu war, Kenshin meets head of a dojo Kamiya Kaoru while travelling whole Japan. Both, along with other friends like Sagara Sanosuke, follow full action plots based on old and new Kenshin’s enemies. In the end, Kenshin and Kaoru get happy ending with marriage and given a son Himura Kenji.

Now this legend is rumoured to receive live action movie adaptation and without no doubt every single of fans will wait the release and judge which worthy (Japanese) actor to play Kenshin role. Until now, there is one actor identified. He is *jreng jreng* Takeru Satoh.

Lol wut? you mean kamen rider Den-O ? yes wat else. If it becomes true, you will see he has a big “X” sign in his face, swinging katana around and stabbing slicing people. Quite hard work, as it’s Momotaros who did all of those in the past ;D

Me 8-9 years ago watched its TV anime (and Sakura Taisen), childhood moment. All of its ED songs are good, especially “It’s Gonna Rain” and I love the art design. Sagara is my fav char along with Kaoru and ShiShio (Makoto). Hope it’ll be awesome~


Kamiya Kaoru, the main ehroine, will be played by Emi Takei. The adaptation is scheduled for Summer 2012 release.

Infinite Stratos Anime Adaptation

artist: okiura (pivix link in image relation)

Infinite Stratos (IS), Light novel authored by Izuru Yumizuru will receive anime adaptation. For more images and scan, I recommence to visit Moetron (one of my fav site). The story quoted directly from ANN:

The “popular high-speed school battle romantic comedy” centers around the IS Academy: a school for training the pilots of the Infinite Stratos weapon system, which can only be used by females. Candidates plucked from girls from countries all over the world are brought here — as well as one boy named Ichika Orimura. As it turns out, Ichika is “the only boy in the world who can pilot the IS.” His classmates include Hōki Shinonono, a childhood friend.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OVA will due on October 29.