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Kamen Rider OOO Full Combo Collection Album [download]

Kamen Rider Birth Reverse/Re;Birth [download]

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Most J-celebrities Are Safe

The Japan entertains including anime, tokusatsu, music etc fandom (us) are wondering if the celebs are safe. Fortunately yes, most of them are in good condition. Some media on internet have already compiled list of survived celebrity of Japan. Mostly they got the confirmation from each personal blog. One of my fav who I follow on twitter Tomomi Itano (Kamen Rider W, Queen) has tweeted yesterday, in my local time, that she was not in Japan so she is okay.

Gekidan has posted list of sources where you can find out their status based on three category. If you want to check somebody related to anime, manga or game, you can go to ANN site. For you who want to know everybody related to tokusatsu can visit Nerefir’s blog to check it out. As you’re not fan of those related category (in other word, general artist), try to check Tokyohive.

On Kamen Rider OOO series, Riho Takeda (Hina Izumi), Shu Watanabe (Hino eiji) and Ryosuke Miura (Ankh) have posted that they’re okay. The rest like Hiroaki Iwagana and Asayaka Kimijima, have no post after March 11th. Hina-chan said that they were okay. Also all Kamen Rider OOO stunt casts are safe too.

Kamen Rider Girls Idol Group

Kamen Rider Girls is an idol group project as part of  Kamen Rider 40th Anniversary. Their first single Koi no Rider Kick and side song ♡ no Henshin Belt are already broadcasted on Wind Wave podcast. On the first time I read it I did think they’re a group of previous heroines of Kamen Rider series since most of them are qualified as an idol (or they’re truly an idol to begin with). I thought they’re will… dance and sing. (Still in my last thought) The songs may come from previous theme and everyone sing  song based their represented series. Now everything are totally wrong, primarily about the members. I really haven’t been familiar to them honestly. Here the list of the member representing respective rider, Continue reading

Kamen Rider OOO OP and OST-1

cover disc

Today is release day of Kamen Rider OOO series opening theme “Anything Goes” by Maki Ohguro and Kamen Rider OOO Original Soundtrack (OST) Volume 1. The releases are available to order on CDJapan and Play-Asia. There is rumor you’ll get a bonus poster from CD and DVD of the opening song.

On DVD the PV is included. For you who are watching OOO series subbed by T-N, have seen a glance about the PV on episode 9 (along with OOO fish sauce ad). Continue reading