KoraKaWani and PuToTerano Leaked Images

Kamen Rider OOO is rumored to have another combos based on reptile KoraKaWani (Cobra, Kame, Wani) and based on dinosaur PuToTerano (Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus). They’re heard from hacked OOOdriver and now we can see a glance, how they are designed. Continue reading

[PIC] OOO TaJaDoru, Accel Booster and 40th Movie Anniversary

OOO TaJaDoru info:

  • Head: “Hawk Head Brave” (Taka)
  • Torso: Peafowl (Kujaku)
  • Leg: Condor (Kondoru)
  • Length: 198 cm
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • Punch: 6.5 ton
  • Kick: 15 ton
  • Jump: Up to 160 m
  • Speed: 100 m in 4 s
  • Special Attack: 120 ton
  • Scanning Charge: Prominence Drop
  • Weapon: TaJaSpinner

By using Gaia Memory Enhancement Adapter, Accel turns into this form

First April 2011

Source: jefusion.com