Even an Old PC Needs AV

I think it’s about time to revive my “Computer” category list. Not a new one but a renamed “Tech” category. Here I found a quite unique perception from my campus that an old PC, aged over six years, aren’t supposed to be installed AV (Anti-virus, not Adutl video) or any kind of security protection tools for some reasons

  • They’re too slow to run real time guard smoothly
  • Old PC contain no important data
  • Virus don’t want attack that kind of computer (wut?!)

I highlight the first one cause the rest are sound joking. That is, we need to find a good performance suite that requires small amount of bit cells. There’re so many out there but we choose free. There’re Avast, Avira, AVG, Comodo and Microsoft Essentials (for Windows). My choice is AVG which I’ll explain.

AVG has pretty simple interface which will help noob. It contains Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Link scanner, E-mail scanner and Identity protection. The last one isn’t useful though. The update process is easy. I have already used it for half of year on a seven years old computer, without problem and smoothly. Will tell you how.

Let’s see, we need only a real time anti-virus so we can disable all unused features. “Unused” here can mean differently so feel free to disagree and take another action. I don’t need E-mail scanner because I always open them on web. I disabled it and nothing happened. That’s all? nope. It’s weird for an old PC to be connected with a 2GBps downspeed internet connection. I mean, what would you do? it even took more than 30 seconds to open Firefox. What I want suggest here is to break the slow down effect on internet connection (especially for dial-up) caused by this AVG suite. The culprit can be Link scanner which provide surf-shield. You can turn off it on same way as disabling feature before. As solution for this, you can use Firefox with NoScript extension. This extension protects you and saves your bandwidth. About background update we can skip this one. AVG won’t hide it and we can cancel the update if we want. Also update is very important. If you still feel some services sucking your speed, try following steps

  • Open your Device Manager, View -> Show hidden devices
  • Expand Non-plug & Play Drivers, you should see AVG Free Network Redirector
  • right click and disable it. Need restart.

Minor effect, you can go to its option and disable sounds, delete temporary update files and manage Resident Shield to only scan dangerous extension such as VBS and DLL.

With this, let’s hope your old machine can run an active AV as well as my machine. Cheer :)


Tony’s 740QM504G-7U Lappy

This Ita-laptop is based on illustration by Tony. Come on two, “Gothic lolita” type-A and “Bikini” type-B (above). The specification listed:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7 740QM (1.73-2.93Ghz)
  • TFT 15.6″ 1600×900
  • DDR3 1066 4GB
  • Half TB HDD SATA
  • ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 512MB
  • An other necessary things such as USB 2.0 port, eSATA, LAN, HDMI, D-sub etc.

Priced about ¥150.000, limited order on this month only. Do you think that it’s too expensive? judge by yourself.

Recently Tony Taka also released 18 full color pages doujin of new illustrations titled “ちっちゃくないよっ!!” for C79. Check it out (NSFW).

Welcome Social-Networking Eroge

Official: Moon-Stone

After read Amure-kun latest post about blogging trend in Japan, I think this one is (of course) related too :D Do you think that microblogging and “real blogging” are enough for Japanese? you must be kidding, not yet! Using them will need separated time from your usual activities, as playing eroge ^^; So now how can we spare time in following this trend? Moon-Stone answers it with a new, big revolution in eroge gaming as their product, Angel Ring with twitter functions patch on it *claps*

There are many features on it such as ability to tweet about the current scene, playback the voice from the particular scene that somebody tweeted about and play the particular scene that somebody tweeted about. Of course main features like replying and common tweeting are included. Futhermore, there will also feature to tweet about a particular picture you like. Yeah picture….. oh, HCG? so we’ll be sharing our fav HCG via tweet(s)? Gimme your opinion :)

I steal above pic from Moon-Stone site since I don’t have any lol~

In other place, Isshoni Training with Hinako has appeared on HVGA and WVGA Android device as training-guider app. It will help you in exercising and calculate your calories burned with graph of your progress.

[source1] [source2]

Windows 7 Short Anime

Nana-chan in her role as official Windows 7 mascot performs a short show about how to build your multimedia personal computer or PC guided by our beloved Mizuki Nana’s voice ^^. Honestly I have saved the stream but not watched it yet ^^; The show is quite nice, you’ll see Nanami-chan helping you in building PC (although not in detail) and shows you 7’s power. And I have advice for you

This torrent is same as above embedded video.

Windows 7 Theme Song

1422 × 800

1422 × 800

Official character of Windows 7 Japan Madobe Nanami (cv. Mizuki Nana) has released a song titled “Nanairo Generator“. Literally nana means “seven” and iro means “color(s)”. Nanami herselft is known as Windows 7 Japan’s mascot regarding its moe wallpapers and japanese sound scheme with her as theme. Mizuki Nana’s (because “seven” word in her name) popularity brings herselft as the seiyuu and obviously approved by most otaku.

In my opinion the song is quite nice, as expected from Nana. I found it in torrent sharing. DDL will be posted later.

^_^ taikutsu’s 100th post! ^_^