Kamen Rider OOO 41-42

Done in absorbing Ankh, the Lost Ankh was still missing something to be fully revived, a core medal! On last moment of previous episode, Ankh handed over a Taka medal to Hina just for case. Ankh’s still presence prevented Lost Ankh to process further. Having gone Ankh, Shingo gained himself and decided to help Eiji. But duh Eiji, he didn’t want to involve anyone and took all problems to himself. Thus, he left Hina and Shingo to retake Ankh. Continue reading


Kamen Rider OOO 39-40

After Date’s left, Gotou inherited Birth system and got approval from Kougami. However he need assist in fight. Wisely Kougami picked Satonaka for support. Then Gotou got facepalm. As modern casual girl, so normal for her to takes more time in getting prepared before jump to the show. Continue reading

Kamen Rider Ōzu Official Info

The official site is up!

Scheduled to start on September 5.

The (correct) casts list is up!

The main character is Eiji Hino, potrayed by Shu Watanabe.

The production is promising (and the “opening by HYDE” part be wrong)!

It will be Maki Ohguro.

But the story resembles Den-O! (spoiler)

Looks like Hino is an unlucky too. Ōzu can learn various abilities from defeating Yummy or Greed, the villain.

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Kamen Rider OOO, Ōzu!

source: wikipedia

Update Info!

As Kamen Rider W will end in August, so we’ll meet the next rider in September and he’ll be called Kamen Rider OOO, Ōzu! The name of OOO refers to three (triple) forms and his henshin items which is Medals (round as “O”). Likes Kamen Rider W with set of Gaia memories, Kamen Rider Ōzu is equiped by set of Medals called Medal Familia.

  • Height: 194 cm
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Punch strength: 4.5 ton
  • Kick strength: 12 ton
  • Speed: 100 m in 4.5s
  • Jump length: 190 m
  • Weapon: Tiger Claw
  • Extended Weapon: Medajalibur
  • Rider Kick: TaToBa Kick
  • Bike: Ride Vender
  • Organization: Kogami Foundation (foe/ally?)
  • Villain: Greeds

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