Steins;Gate Anime Adaptation

artist: ninoko

Actually I shouldn’t be bothered to post this since I haven’t even played the game. But to heard that the game comes from 5pb.Inc and Nitroplus who also created Chaos;Head, think I have to allocate my attention to this one. The story I know sounds similiar as before, sci-fi themed with otaku plot within different phenomenon, Time travel. Time travel? dude, this should be awesome!

The head of 5pb. started this ruckus via his official twitter account. Seiyuu Momoi Haruko then poured gasoline in flame by way of her tweet about this TV anime. Note to you that characters of the visual novel game are designed by huke who responsible to Black Rock Shooter ;3



Windows 7 Theme Song

1422 × 800

1422 × 800

Official character of Windows 7 Japan Madobe Nanami (cv. Mizuki Nana) has released a song titled “Nanairo Generator“. Literally nana means “seven” and iro means “color(s)”. Nanami herselft is known as Windows 7 Japan’s mascot regarding its moe wallpapers and japanese sound scheme with her as theme. Mizuki Nana’s (because “seven” word in her name) popularity brings herselft as the seiyuu and obviously approved by most otaku.

In my opinion the song is quite nice, as expected from Nana. I found it in torrent sharing. DDL will be posted later.

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