Kamen Rider OOO 25-26

Finally, the appearance of Ankh’s bird type yummy. Although Ankh has said that he can’t create any yummy to gather Cell medal, an Omu yummy appears right after Eiji, Date and Goto-chan :) Bird type yummy treats the host as chick, feeding them with what they want. For first example, an ill boxer as the host gets his arm repaired (if it’s not cured). The yummy comes to other boxers and moves their punching ability to the host. Ankh who knows about the existence of the other part of himself decides to protect the yummy until the greeed come out, leading misunderstanding between him and the riders. Continue reading


PuToTira Clear Image

Actually this picture has been posted for about half month so it’s kinda old. This combo is rumored to be the ultimate form of Kamen Rider OOO in TV series. Utilizing Ptera, Tricera and Tyranno medals of a greeed named Giru, OOO archives huge amount of brutal force he can’t control. This is some kind of W’s FangJoker. Like TaJaDol, PuToTira also can fly thanks to head medal. It doesn’t clear if the wings will come out from head like Taka wing on TaToBa Kick. The torso medal provides Wide Stingers on shoulder with range attack. The legs medal creates Legsteranail, a tail of T-rex to blow target and some claw like Condol legs. While on this combo, the base armour’s color turns into white rather black. Not enough with those, this combo also equips Medagaburyuu, an axe-bazooka weapon drawing power of Core medals like (again) TaJa Spinner.

Both Medagaburyuu and this combo’s three purple Cores can be used on (or to perform) random combo. So there won’t be TakaToBa or TakaToraTira. There are many ways to spell this combo name out there, as PuToTyra, PuToTerano etc. the one I using is come from Wikipedia.

BuraKaWani Clear Image

Kamen Rider OOO’s movie combo BuraKaWani (or KoraKaWani on my previous post) has displayed on clear image head to belt at least. The desgin is pretty cool. Look at the head, some said that’s a turban with a jewel. I don’t know but I like it. Reptiles that have been used are Cobra, Kame (turtle) and Wani (crocodile). When I saw this, I feel something like… dessert or… (greater) middle east for exactly. The gold-brown color is clearly represent sand. The “mouth strip” is really looked like snake’s fang, with purple eyes showing power of poison. The torso itself is kinda similiar with Gorilla but more rounded as turtle’s cartilaginous shell. One thing that I couldn’t figure it out is why Wani becomes legs. It is slow and short. Ok I know they can jump high and fast with that legs from water to bite the target but an alligator (what I heard) does it better. So why Wani?


Finishing : Crocodile Glide

Weapon : Burangi (snake-charmer’s flute)

Cobra Medal : Able to summon a cobra to attack when the flute Burangi is played

Kame Medal : Attachs two shells to arms like SaGohZo‘s Gorilla for defense

Wani Medal : Allow OOO to slide on the ground

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Kamen Rider OOO 23-24

OOO has completed his five combos by acquiring ShaUTa combo. This combo takes the longest time to be shown since the rumor’s spreading. I remember to get excited when Ankh got Mezool’s Unagi and Tako cores on the first appearance of LaToraTar (I did spell it “RaToraTa” back there) combo. I thought “cmon bring me that blue” but that’s nothing. Later when he (Ankh) got back Tako medal from Uva’s body, my excited feeling came back. The “last piece” medal Sachi is easily taken from Kazari by just using Tora‘s Claw and Taka‘s Eyes. Yeah,now you just  know what so special of Taka head is.

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