Rider of medals mOOOe Gallery

Here again post of gallery of rider moefication. This time goes around Kamen Rider OOO series. As usual, thanks to Yuuno for great art works. Continue reading


Kamen Rider OOO 03-04

The second Greeed who make contact with Eiji after Anku is Kazari. Instead successfully taking back all Core medals, he loses his own medals to OOO in exchange for Uva’s Kamakiri medal. With this, OOO loses TakaKiriBa form but obtains next form, TakaToraTa (red-yellow-yellow). TakaToraTa offers a nice combination between speed and damage. Unfortunately the Neko Yummy is finished by Medajalibur’s Triple Scanning Charge so we can’t see how this form finishing a Yummy. Continue reading